MV Dems Partners with Vote Absentee VA

MVDDC has partnered with Vote Absentee Virginia, a non-profit in Falls Church, to offer convenient, easy and secure absentee voting for any registered Virginia voter. Using our web site or the link below, you can request an absentee ballot for any election for up to one year in advance. Unlike using the Virginia Department of Elections web site, you do not need a Virginia Drivers License to request your ballot, and we will follow up on every request to make sure it’s processed. This is the same system that will be used by FCDC.

The Department of Elections is encouraging everyone to vote by mail during the Covid-19 pandemic. Request your ballots for the primary and the general election now; you will receive your ballots as much as 45 days before each election. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same which guarantees their ability to vote regardless of any stay-at-home orders or health risks.

Submit your form below, or click here for a link to the application.

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