Local Democrats Commit to All-out Pursuit of Electoral Sweep November 5

The Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) and Jeff McKay for Chairman have launched a joint field effort to help drive Democratic candidates to victory on November 5. This joint undertaking, called “Fighting for Fairfax,” is the most comprehensive campaign support initiative in the party’s history.

Fighting for Fairfax augments the existing paid communication and absentee voting effort (the “FCDC Joint Campaign”) that already supports all 53 Fairfax candidates for the General Assembly, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, School Board and the Soil & Water District Board.

Additionally, Fighting for Fairfax is partnering with the Democratic Party of Virginia’s statewide campaign, “Take the Majority,” which helps Democratic candidates for the state legislature in Richmond, in order to ensure that every precinct in Fairfax County is covered.

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