Get Involved in Precinct Operations

Do you want to see the VA State House and Senate flip?  In 2020 do you want to do your part to make sure Donald Trump does not get elected?  Voter turnout is what it is all about.

Key to voter turnout is the precinct captain and a strong team of enthusiastic volunteers.  As members of the Mount Vernon District Democratic Committee (MVDDC), your help is needed to strengthen our precinct organizations.  Have you been thinking that voting is not enough and you really want to do something to make a difference?  Well you are in luck, we have a few vacancies in precinct operations leadership positions in the northern, southern and middle sections of the Mt. Vernon district.  You could be a captain or co-captain and help organize a precinct to turn out the vote.

MVDCC Precinct Operations, for the first time, is holding a district wide workshop/teambuilding meeting on April 29th.  We can do more as a MV team!  We can do more when we share best practices and help each other learn the tactics and strategies to get out the vote.

If you’re interested in using your leadership skills to help turn Mount Vernon and Virginia deeper blue, we need you!  Contact Maria Vorel at 703-850-7165 to learn more about this workshop and how you can become more involved.

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